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Reinventing KANM Student Radio


In the wake of the 2023 security directive from our university's IT department, KANM Student Radio stood at a critical juncture. Faced with the daunting task of overhauling our entire digital infrastructure, we embarked on a transformative project that not only aimed to meet these new security mandates but also to redefine our broadcasting capabilities. As the Assistant Webmaster (and now the Webmaster & System Administrator), my role evolved amidst this whirlwind of innovation and adaptation.

Assembling a Team

Our project's success hinged on the collective brilliance and dedication of a dream team: Eren Rudd (Station Manager), Sam Torres (then Sys Admin), Liam Ramsey (then Webmaster), myself (then Assistant Webmaster), alongside developers Charlotte Harrington and Joey Quismorio. Despite the initial team dynamic adjustments, our synergy and shared commitment to excellence propelled us forward. This collaboration was further enriched by the introduction of new talents, laying the groundwork for an environment ripe for innovation.

The Leap: Our Strategy and Execution

Our technological pivot to NextJS, Tailwind, and MySQL was not merely a decision of convenience but a strategic choice to harness the power of modern web development frameworks and databases. This transition was underpinned by a unanimous desire to learn and adapt swiftly, epitomized by my foray into Linux system administration. This period of intense learning and application underscored our project's ethos: to challenge the status quo and embrace growth.

Bitjockey: Revolutionizing Radio Broadcasting

Central to our endeavor was the development of Bitjockey, a testament to our vision of reimagining radio automation. In contrast to existing services, Bitjockey stands out for its commitment to simplicity and user empowerment. Through its intuitive interface, we've made it effortless for broadcasters to curate their shows, manage playlists, and schedule content with unprecedented ease. Our expansive library of nearly 30,000 songs, coupled with a flexible content scheduling system and live broadcasting capabilities, underscores our dedication to providing a platform that is as versatile as it is user-friendly.

Advancing Beyond the Horizon

Currently, Bitjockey's innovative features are available exclusively to Texas A&M University students. However, our vision extends far beyond the confines of our campus. We are constantly developing additional features that promise to further enrich the radio broadcasting experience. Our commitment to continuous improvement is matched by our openness to community feedback, ensuring that Bitjockey remains at the forefront of radio automation technology.


This project, sparked by the need to conform to updated security protocols, evolved into a crusade to redefine the digital landscape of KANM Student Radio. Through it, we not only fortified our defenses but also garnered international recognition and commendation from our university community. Yet, our quest for perfection is ongoing. With the benefit of hindsight, we recognize opportunities for refinement and are poised to tackle future challenges with the same fervor and innovation.

As we navigate the future, we invite our community to join us in this exhilarating journey of discovery and improvement. Your insights and suggestions are invaluable as we continue to refine Bitjockey and cement KANM's legacy as a pioneer of student radio broadcasting.

Reach out to me at with feedback and check out Bitjockey or KANM's Home Page online!